Cindy Sheehan To RAW STORY On Their Coverage Of Her Upcoming Bush


"Lone-Star Iconoclast Covers Cindy Sheehan's Attempt to Meet Bush in Crawford"

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... atty jimmo said on 8/6/2005 @ 1:10 pm PT...

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... atty jimmo said on 8/6/2005 @ 1:13 pm PT...

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... jimmo said on 8/6/2005 @ 1:22 pm PT...

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... cheryl said on 8/6/2005 @ 1:37 pm PT...

You go, girl!!!

You're the loonie, Jimmo. This woman is grieving BECAUSE of politics and your wonderful W!

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... Winter Patriot said on 8/6/2005 @ 1:46 pm PT...

Please, Cheryl, don't feed the troll.

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... Dr. Alan H. Levinson said on 8/6/2005 @ 1:58 pm PT...

Even if Bush deigns to meet with her, he will repeat over and over agin the talking points about the war. Hard work, Sacrifice, Make the world safe for Democracy (make the world a democracy!). He will never answer the questions fully. He will never acknowledge the memo other than to say it is erroneous. What we need is a Grand Jury, a camcorder, some direct questioning with no let up and no one there (like Cheney) to assist. Once we have a few lies on the record, then and only then will the truth be revealed.

Bush is an idiot's idiot. He's a weak minded fool who happens to be power hungry. As his puppeteers allow him to feel the power and control, they also mold him, give him the words to say, direct him, tell him what to think, feel, and how to act. Without his controlling cast, he is just a bumbling fool who is in his glory because, in his child-like mind, its perpetually "his turn".

I wait for the bad ones to fall, for his faithful followers to collapse under pressure, even for the good people who've been fooled by his "righteousness" to be embarrassed by their folly. I want to see Republicans turn RED, not because of party loyalty, but because of humiliation that they could have let their quest for power and respectability lead them down the path of utter failure. I generally respect the Republican Party, but the lean has nearly tipped the boat. I hope the party can gather itself up by the bootstraps and return to some semblance of moderation. Until then, choke!!

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... STOP_George said on 8/6/2005 @ 2:07 pm PT...


When the President of the U.S. uttered the disgusting, shocking and reprehensible words, "BRING 'EM ON!" after unjustifiably pulling the trigger on war based on lies --- Yes. George W. Bush has the blood of thousands upon thousands of innocent lives upon his hands.

Consider this. Would this sorry excuse for a man have uttered those words "BRING 'EM ON!" if his daughters were serving in Iraq?

He's a sociopath, Jimmo. He has NO conscience outside of his own little pampered reality.

But will this sociopath ever come to that realization and, perhaps, spend one sleepless night at home during his month long vacation in Crawford?

Judging by this video --- I don't think he will.


Check out this previous meeting that Cindy Sheehan had with W. It will send chills down your spine.

Dark Evil in the WH - Chilling Meeting with "W"

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... Doug Eldritch said on 8/6/2005 @ 2:08 pm PT...

Hahaha they have hacked down all the websites reporting about the indictments......It sounds like they are true this time.

Doug E.

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... Winter Patriot said on 8/6/2005 @ 2:11 pm PT...

re: #6 from Dr Levinson:

"Once we have a few lies on the record, then and only then will the truth be revealed."


How many more lies do we need on the record?

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... jimmo said on 8/6/2005 @ 2:34 pm PT...

{Comment deleted for repeated, flagrant and extended inability to show common courtesy or follow the general rules of posting here.}

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... JIOMMO said on 8/6/2005 @ 2:37 pm PT...

{Comment deleted for repeated, flagrant and extended inability to show common courtesy or follow the general rules of posting here.}

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... Dr. Alan H. Levinson said on 8/6/2005 @ 3:13 pm PT...

Winter Patriot,

Alas, you are correct. I just figured that under oath in front of the Grand Jury may have more import than in a speech to the general public, or minutes of a meeting. We've had no luck thus far...although the press seems finally to be coming around (on occasion!).


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... Phil said on 8/6/2005 @ 3:26 pm PT...

Sg, I think you may have put your finger on it. Sociopath.

I think this lady is doing the right thing, if she feels in her heart that it is the right thing.

Doug, my fingers are crossed, glued together, actually. I hope you are onto something re. those idictments.

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... STOP_George said on 8/6/2005 @ 3:31 pm PT...

...Sheehan's bus pulled up at a house run by peace activists a few hundred feet from the town's only stoplight. There, she met up with other demonstrators and then led a caravan of about 20 vehicles down a winding road toward Bush's ranch.

The group stopped along the way and sheriff's deputies advised them that if they wanted to go farther toward the ranch, they would have to walk in a ditch along the road.

The marchers walked about half a mile until the deputies stopped them, saying that they had violated their instructions by walking on the road itself instead of staying in the adjacent ditch.

Sheehan protested, saying she had not walked on the road. The deputies refused to let her go farther.

The protesters then began chanting, "W killed her son."

- from AP.

Way to go, Cindy!!!

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... Doug Eldritch said on 8/6/2005 @ 3:33 pm PT...


If the indictments have been issued, this August protest could rile up all of PNAC and there has been reports they will try to kill Bush....

And everyone thought **Bush** was to blame for everything...Yeah right, he's nothing but a foolhardy cowboy, a fundie who has been a tool for PNAC all this time. PNAC has cracked, and I bet they will attempt to take over.


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... Doug Eldritch said on 8/6/2005 @ 3:55 pm PT...

**Its just gotten good!!!**

White House chief of staff, Stephen J. **Hadley** went out to meet Cindy Sheehan and all the protestors to answer their questions!!!

"National Security Adviser Steven Hadley and Deputy White House chief of staff Joe Hagin listened to the concerns of Cindy Sheehan and five or six other mothers in a meeting that lasted about 45 minutes, White House spokesman Trent Duffy said. Duffy said Sheehan told the two officials she appreciated the meeting.

"I want to ask the president, why did you kill my son? What did my son die for?" Sheehan, 48, Vacaville, California, told reporters before meeting with Hadley and Hagin. Sheehan blames Bush for the death of her son, Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, 24, killed on April 4, 2004, in Sadr City, Baghdad."

Full story here

Hadley, who is embroiled in the CIA scandal, simply stated....

"We made a mistake." Is the asshole finally admitting how stupid he is? Not quite, on top of the remarks he stated "But at least the terrorists won't be killing us here...."

What a fool!! Hadley **is a stupid, ignorant buffoon** who helped PNAC achieve a war without end!

Doug E.

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... Winter Patriot said on 8/6/2005 @ 5:26 pm PT...

The Whispering Campaign is pleased and proud to be helping Cindy Sheehan spread the word. Two of our recent pages feature her powerful voice. If you want to help us [and her], please visit our site, print and copy these articles, and distribute them quietly, by leaving them where people will find and read them.

You can go to those two pages directly by clicking on the following links:

Meeting With Bush Was 'Bizarre And Disgusting'

by Greg Szymanski

May God Forgive Us For Our Apathy

by Cindy Sheehan

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... suni said on 8/6/2005 @ 8:01 pm PT...

Can everyone help spread the word on the following

Cindy Sheehan: "The Secret Service is Trying to Intimidate Us"

Submitted by jonschwarz on Sat, 2005-08-06 22:48. Activism

Cindy Sheehan called After Downing Street moments ago at 10 p.m. ET to report that the Secret Service is trying to intimidate her and members of Gold Star Families for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Veterans for Peace into leaving their protest near Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch.

This morning Cindy led dozens of protesters as close as they could get to the ranch; they were stopped by local police about five miles away. Cindy and others plan to stay there throughout Bush's five-week August vacation until he agrees to meet with her and other family members of soldiers killed in Iraq and answer their questions about the war.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, however, the Secret Service has been telling protesters that if they stay there they may be hit by Secret Service vehicles. Cindy says, "They've told us this at least ten times. There isn't much room between the side of the road and the fence, and they go zooming by far over the speed limit." Cindy reports the Secret Service already ran a mother and her six year-old off the road. She believes the Secret Service's actions are a clear attempt to coerce her and the other protesters into leaving.

Cindy and others are asking to meet with the Secret Service and local police to ensure the safety of everyone involved. In the meantime, she asks that anyone who can contact the media to alert them to the situation.

If you are able to do this, media contact information can be found here. Please politely let them know what's been happening with the Secret Service, and encourage them to continue covering Cindy's efforts to meet with President Bush.

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... Winter Patriot said on 8/6/2005 @ 9:05 pm PT...

Suni : it would be a lot easier to help you if you provided a link.

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... QUALAR said on 8/6/2005 @ 9:11 pm PT...

Hell with that. It's time for people to get in their vehicles and descend upon that chickenhawk community. That's the way to give her support. Numbers can only counter the pressure from the Secret Service.

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... Winter Patriot said on 8/6/2005 @ 9:15 pm PT...

I agree with Qualar, but for those who are too far away to get in their vehicles and descend upon the chickenhawks, here's the link to the original post, and here's the link to the list of media outlets.

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... QUALAR said on 8/6/2005 @ 9:27 pm PT...

Those with motor homes can join with others and share expenses. Gas is so damn high you know. He should have kept his ass in Washington and pushed for a windfall profits tax for oil companies instead of giving them subsidies.

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... Mugzi said on 8/7/2005 @ 4:56 am PT...

I haven't watched MSM since the 2004 election, has any of the networks picked this up?

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... Dredd said on 8/7/2005 @ 7:04 am PT...

Hopefully when the bu$hit clan is out of dodge they can do less damage ... but that's just a hope ...

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... Ricky said on 8/7/2005 @ 7:15 am PT...

Wheres the blog about the Air America funding issue?

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... Suni said on 8/7/2005 @ 10:55 am PT...

Just found this interesting tidbit:

This is just a portion of the article pertinent to who might be there in Texas with Bushie:

But in his first days away, Bush was relatively busy. He gave a speech in Grapevine, Texas, on Wednesday and met with the president of Colombia at the ranch on Thursday. He is scheduled to travel to New Mexico on Monday, meet with his economic advisers and hold a news conference at the ranch on Tuesday, travel to Illinois on Wednesday, meet with his foreign policy team and hold another news conference back at the ranch on Thursday, go to a Republican fund-raising lunch at a neighboring ranch on Friday and attend a Little League championship game in Waco, Texas, on Saturday. .......

....... Then as now, White House officials take turns doing Crawford duty, which nobody fights for. This past week, Joe Hagin, a deputy White House chief of staff, was settled into his double-wide trailer across the road from the entrance to the ranch, where his job includes chainsaw time with the president.

At some point this summer, Hagin will switch off with Rove, who has testified to a grand jury in the leak investigation and who in the past has not done long stretches of ranch time. But when Rove was elevated to White House deputy chief of staff after Bush's re-election, the promotion came with summer Crawford duty.

Stephen Hadley, the national security adviser, will split his ranch duty with his deputy, J.D. Crouch. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who was freed from ranch duty when she moved on from national security adviser, will visit anyway, first for the foreign policy meeting next week, then for more of a social visit later in the month.

Card does not do ranch duty, although he is expected briefly for the economic meeting on Tuesday, as are Josh Bolten, the White House budget director, and Treasury Secretary John Snow. If the past is any guide, the men will meet with Bush, stand at his side during a news conference under a blistering sun, and then race for the airport.

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... bob said on 8/7/2005 @ 1:45 pm PT...

This is ironic and funny. Bush left the safety of Washington for a vacation and now finds himself under seige, with no where to go for the next month. This could get very interesting.

BTW: 30,000 people would be more than enough to completely surround the ranch.

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... Dr. Alan H. Levinson said on 8/7/2005 @ 3:19 pm PT...

I was just looking back in my documents file and found so many relatively brief editorial opinions that, months later, still seem relevant. If there are no complaints or objections, I may periodically post them again.


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... killerboots said on 8/8/2005 @ 10:02 am PT...

There is always going to be contention for/against war. There is no point arguing politics in this particular situation. As unfortunate as it might be Mrs. Sheehan's son voluntarily joined the military of his own free will. He pledged his allegence to his government and county to be sent and to go anywhere deemed necessary to fight and even die if called upon to do so. If he had any doubts as to his countries qualifications to make such decisions then all he need do was not volunteer himself. There is no draft and no one is forcing the military on anyone that does not want to join. Anyone saying different is just looking for an argument or a protest. Mrs. Sheehan as well as the other bereved families currently protesting need to accept this, respect the wishes of their fallen loved ones and go back home to mourn. There are no words of wisdom or acts of civil disobedience that will change the direction of the current situation one way or the other. Like all other acts it must run its due course.

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... Kira said on 8/8/2005 @ 10:43 am PT...

Well, you can sit on your killer thumbs, boots #29, you won't convince us to lay down and roll over about this. Remember the administration spun a big lie about why we had to go to war with Iraq. Because of this propaganda, the American People have been misled, misinformed and are now dying for the BIG LIE.

Just remember:

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State." *guess who*

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... Kira said on 8/8/2005 @ 10:48 am PT...

Oh yes, and remember to "catapult the propaganda!" *guess who said this ...*

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... killerboots said on 8/8/2005 @ 11:52 am PT...

Kira...... When was there not propaganda? When were there no webs spun? When were there no "BIG LIES"? People in America love using their freedoms, but not many respect what it takes to keep them. You have to remember that the American People drove the witch hunt after 9/11 to "go after" someone. And from the American majority as witches go, one is as good as another. I don't necessarily agree with the government, the time or the place with which it acted, the politicians on either side, the propaganda, the lies and definitely the attrition. But these are not new things to American politics or our way of life. As long as there are politicians there will be lies, as long as there are militaries there will be wars, and as long as there are people that see these results without understanding the causes, there will be protests. I just feel that in this particular situation, Mrs. Sheehan and the others involved are turning their grief into anger and in turn directing it in an unappropriate direction. If the president and/or his officials take 5 min. of time trying to appease these people, then that's 5 min. taken away from coming up with a solution or plan to end this scurmish and get troops home. If you're ultimate goal is for troops to come home, then stop sweating your butt off in the Texas sun, get up and figure out a solution to help the Iraqi people become self sufficient. Use any time you may gain with the President for these types of ideas and stop using your grief as a way to make other people feel as bad as you do yourself. That is a waste of everyone's time.

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... Ada said on 8/8/2005 @ 11:55 am PT...

#29 your right and wrong..saying he did join was your right statement, but that's where your 'righness' ends.

It is the presidents (and all elected officials) duty to never send our soldiers (drafted or voluteered) into harms way for a lie (or as in this case a pack of lies).

There is no arguments about this war (being 'for' or 'againt' don't make it legal...just shows you either do or don't support the crime). It was started illegally and is still illegal.

So no I won't accept it and just mourn, and shame on you for your attitude that shows apathy for mankind!

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... killerboots said on 8/8/2005 @ 12:28 pm PT...

#33.....Apathetic towards mankind...No. Apathetic towards the past and both of our inabilities to change it...Yes. Legality can be argued until the cows come home, but the fact of the matter is that no one on this blog was in the briefing room when that decision was made, no on knows what was said, so no one should judge it. We see some haneous results from that decision, but we also see some good. And what of the Iraqi people that want to be freed and were living in tyranny? Where is the legality in that? Was that not a crime? Should we just sit back in our plush palace and watch? I think to be privy to that kind of information and do nothing shows more apathy toward mankind than either of us could argue about here.

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... john said on 8/8/2005 @ 12:57 pm PT...

Bush has always been a fraud. He is a Liar and in the pockets of the Big Corporations and the Religious Right, Who are as big a Losers as W is. Nothing will change this Idiots mind. All we can do is to get together as a people and have him impeached for war crimes and have his administration sent to prison.

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... Tim said on 8/8/2005 @ 1:31 pm PT...

This one woman protest could be what it takes for the return of massive protests. Let's hope.

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... Kira said on 8/8/2005 @ 1:50 pm PT...

I agree with you, Kboots #32, about the propaganda being here from the inception of this country. First it was the Spaniards with hopes for their Imperialistic Globalism coming to Turtle Island. Next it was the boatloads of Pilgrims from England, infested with those of the same mindset. They nearly completed the genocide of the Native American People who lived here and then got to work planning how to take over the rest of the world through the idea of Manifest Destiny and then the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. Now its the same vile infestation, simply carrying on in this Grand Old Tradition, who were pissed with.

I dont care if its been going on since the beginning of Mankind (which it has) I will never agree with it or support it.

I think youre nave to think this administration has any intentions of putting an end to this war. Theyve already established military bases throughout the middle east and many other countries that they never intend to leave. This is a PNAC plan to take over globally. Have you studied the PNAC folks & their plans? Just go here here and read their reports particularly The New Pearl Harbor. (I assume all the reports are still there and not sanitized after all the attention theyve gotten by people who know how to read them )

People have to wake up to the true plans of the NeoCONS and learn to recognize them and then we do have to take power away from them. But, I suggest you get off Cindy Sheehans back, because youre way out of line criticizing her.

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... killerboots said on 8/8/2005 @ 3:28 pm PT...

Very well guys I'll end my diatribe here. Conspiracy theories, Ameri-globalization-whateveryoucallit, protests, uber-protests or just plain complaining. Whatever your poison nothing beats what we have now, and we have what we have now b/c of the reasons Kira and I mentioned earlier. People died, lied and conspired for those reasons and they still are today. Can we change our own version of a tyrranical government? Of course! Don't you people vote! Is Mrs. Sheehan wrong for protesting in her own way? Of course not, the very government she is opposing is the same government giving her the power to do so. I am empathetic for her loss, I just find it ironic that her own son would probably not agree with her.

I think that however noble her cause, she is disrespecting her son's memory instead of cherishing and honoring it. Thanks and I'll leave yall to your poison now.......

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... Kira said on 8/8/2005 @ 3:59 pm PT...

Gaaahhh! Killerboots said --- "don't you people vote?"

EXCUSE ME! Unauditable Voting Machines are stealing our votes. Surely you've studied the reports that have come out since the faux 2004 s*election. It's a one million to one chance that bu$h won the presidency.

Surely you're aware that the 2000 presidency was handed to GWbu$h by the Supreme Court by stopping the count of the votes because it would "threaten irreparable damage to petitioner [George W. Bush], and to the country, by casting a cloud upon what

he claims to be the legitimacy of his election...."


[snip] December 12: The same Gang of Five (Rehnquist, Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy and O'Connor) permanently halted the recount and essentially handed the presidency to George W. Bush.

In Scalia's specious reasoning: "There is no right of suffrage" in a presidential election. To continue to count the votes would "threaten irreparable damage to petitioner [George W. Bush], and to the country, by casting a cloud upon what he claims to be the legitimacy of his election.... The individual has no federal constitutional right to vote for electors for the President of the United States unless and until the state legislature chooses a statewide election as the means to implement its power to appoint members of the Electoral College."

Additionally they ruled that the state legislature could, at any time, revoke the popular vote for president and "if it so chooses, select the electors itself." (This same day the Florida legislature selected electors who would vote for Bush.) [snip]

Have you taken time to understand this part of the NeoCON agenda and our recent history?

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... comingoutfighting said on 8/8/2005 @ 4:48 pm PT...

#34- Why choose Iraq? If we want to save people how about Dufar?

#38 - Her son would be proud of her for what she is doing. Her son did NOT believe in this war. He went because his friends went. He did not want to let them down.

My son is in the military. He has served his time overthere. He did NOT join the military so he could go be Halliburton's bitch!

I see the news where Dumsfiled is saying they will be sending MORE troops for the Iraq election.

I just got a card from my congressman (R) which stated there are 170,000 Iraqis trained. What are those Iraqi's doing? Just collecting a paycheck. Good for them. Bad for our guys. Maybe Halliburton is feeding them so they can make more $$.

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... john said on 8/8/2005 @ 10:42 pm PT...

Bush is a Fake Christian. What kind of Real Religious Person would Lie Us into war and Cover up all of the Bs that is Happening with Karl Rove and the outing of a Cia Operative, has made our country more unsafe to Terrorism than it has ever been before. This Bastard has to be thrown out of office on his Ass and his Lying, Cheating Administration should also be Kicked out, How long are we as american going to take this Crap???

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... shannon said on 8/9/2005 @ 3:40 am PT...

Killerboots said the government Cindy is protesting is the very government giving Cindy the right to protest them.

Simpletons always fall back on these tired worn out catch phrases. But the very government (Bushco) that Cindy is protesting is not the government that gave her the right to protest.

200 + years ago a government of the people for the people and by the people was formed, it had nothing to do with Bushco and never will since his administration is a fascist model patterned after the Nazis. Hitlers handbook is the reference book for Bushco.

While Halliburton's Dick Chicanery and Chevron's Condo and Carlyle's Warmonger Bush feed on the spoils of the social security funds, people like Cindy are going to become a thorn in their sides. Why? Because she can and she will and we will never be silent for the mafia Bu$hco. Why? Because we are the people and this is our country and we will not sit by and let the scum of the earth and their money cronies shut us up. Sammy the Screw and company have lost all credibility.

Killerboots is a fool, he can't figure it out that he is one of the people too. And Bushco isn't going to send him a big hunk of the social security money, or invite him to party with them, if his kid got killed in Iraq, they wouldn't give a shit except to send him a form letter signed by an automatic signature machine with the name of Donald Rumsfeld on it, WOW, who wouldn't think that was worth it? In fact they are going to do their best to steal from him, but he is too stupid to realize that, he bought the fairy tales from the liars in charge and he is selling out the people who this government is supposed to serve.

Blind loyalty is not a virtue, its a crime. Now run away little man, the truth will scare the pants off of you.

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... Killerboots said on 8/9/2005 @ 4:45 am PT...

#42..There's plenty of propaganda on both sides, and it looks like you've ingested plenty of it yourself. Regurgitating it doesn't make it true however. So what do you owe the "crime" of your blind loyalty to? Conspiracy theories, Bu$hco, blah, blah, blah. I served in our military and I've seen plenty of "truth". I've seen how bad all the other countries around us have it. If anything scared the pants off of me, it was that. To get all worked up at the government and say things like "Bush should send his daughters to war if the cause is so noble".... is BS. These soldiers are just that, SOLDIERS. Look it up in the dictionary if the term is new to you. "An active, loyal militant follower of an organization". Like it or not people this is what Casey Sheehan was. If he wasn't and he joined the military for all the wrong reasons, then HE was the fool. You don't make such hasty decisions with your life if you don't mean to do it. If you do, then you deserve what happens to you. Cindy Sheehan is a mourning mother stuck in the 2nd stage of the grieving process..Anger, along with many others.

To her, and probably to you as well, the government killed her loved one. But to blame the president or the government as a whole is tantamount to blaming her for having a child to begin with. If anything should be blamed for Casey Sheehan's death, its Casey Sheehan, the rocket-propelled granade or the Iraqi militant that threw it. Bush didn't put him in harms way, he did it to himself voluntarily. The government of course incited the war that is being fought in Iraq, and possibly for all the wrong reasons, but that's neither here nor there in this situation. As a matter of fact #42, I almost bet you were one of the angry mob after 9/11 to want the government to go after Bin Laden. It's easy to sit back and criticize and find fault when you're not directly involved isn' it? If Bu$co is making your life so bad that all you can do is sit on your backside looking for the proverbial skeleton in the closet, then I think the government is making it pretty easy on you :)

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... john said on 8/9/2005 @ 10:37 am PT...

Killer boots your mom is a fag. You are fake religious Idiots like your President, He is not my president. He does not represent the majority of this country, only about 38% of the fake Christians out there. This is a war for the Corporations and Against all decent, Hard Working, Tax Paying Americans!

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... Killerboots said on 8/9/2005 @ 12:23 pm PT...

To John the drowning Baptist, OOOOOOO, tough words from a tough guy. Maybe one day you'll be able to put down that cupcake, grow a pair and learn what big words like Hard Work, Honor and Comittment actually mean. Until then they will only be words to you. Words that you grab out of an old dusted liberalistic bag of goodies that were the refuse of the last poor sap that once believed as you do now, but grew up, or squashed himself under the tree he was chained to. Since are you obviously attempting a very poor religious point with your comment I assume that you are one of the real "religious idiots" as oppose to everyone else being "fake". And since you are a real religious idiot, then you of course would now how many lies, wars and overall unscrupulous acts have been comitted in every historical account in the name of "religious idiots" everywhere? Would you identify yourself with them then? Why don't I just leave you alone though. You are obviously a very bright, well-equipped, "Hard Working, Tax Paying American" such as myself. Who knows, in another couple of years, with a little elbow grease you might just be able to crawl yourself right out under the rock you've lodged yourself up against. Good luck with that :)

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... Kira said on 8/9/2005 @ 3:52 pm PT...

OOOO Commander killerboots Cupcake! Thought so. You can run off at the mouth, but you can't hide. :)

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... john said on 8/10/2005 @ 9:34 pm PT...

Killerboots you scumbag, you can't even be a man and admit that bush lied us into this war. Let's see if you are man enough to admit that.

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... Karen D said on 8/11/2005 @ 3:04 am PT...

I have two sons in Iraq, I would never dishonor thier service this way.

Maybe you should be asking who is funding Ms Sheenan to say in Texas. IS she using the insuarnce money from her son's death or is a democratic funs pasying her to stay there.

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... john said on 8/11/2005 @ 11:34 am PT...

Message to Karen. I'm happy to see your sons commitment to our country, That's Great. Too Bad your sons are there for a Fake Oil and Big Business War. They were sent there on false pretenses and are in harms way as a result of the Greed of the Bushes and Chaneys and Haliburton. One can only hope that one day YOU WILL PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS, LONG ENOUGH TO REALIZE THAT!!! Cindy Sheehan is there by the funding of her smart Brain, that tells her, we are there for a lie and the Blood of our over 4000 dead solidiers in on the hands of the Bush Administration. Ask yourself if Jesus would do this. THe answer is NO!

COMMENT #50 [Permalink]

... Randy Ekanger said on 8/13/2005 @ 9:27 pm PT...

Tell Cindy to take her vigil to the Alciada headquarters, they are the ones that started this not president Bush. She would probably get a response out of them. Always remember the incidents of 911 and those grieving people. Her son was a real hero, I thank the Lord for him and his service to this country, and his efforts to defeat the EVIL Alciada. Randy

COMMENT #51 [Permalink]

... Doug Eldritch said on 8/19/2005 @ 12:54 pm PT...


Sorry bud, 9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq, probably not Iran either. That propaganda has made you deaf and dumb. There was never any connection. Al Quaeda was allowed to conduct 9/11, under the watchful eye of the government who let Mohammed Atta run free.

Doug E.

COMMENT #52 [Permalink]

... john said on 8/19/2005 @ 9:22 pm PT...

G has made some mistakes?? Lets talk about those mistakes.1)Going to war with a country that did not attack us and had no connection to 911.2) sending too few troops to get the job done right.3)not arming them correctly with armoured vehicles and body armour.4)covering up for a treasonous snake karl rove who outed a cia operative, thus ending a 10 year investigation on how terrorists get their money to blow us and the world up.5)Leaving the borders open so terrorists and illegals could blow us up or take our jobs use up all of our resourses, hospitals, schools so that legal citizens have to struggle to survive.6)not sending enough troops to afghanistan when we had bid laden cooped up and he got away.7)ignoring the memos that came that said, bin ladin poised to strike inside the us.8)profiting from this war, giving big contracts to haliburton and other big companies without any sacrifice of his own. Only the poor pay for his Greed.9)Flip flopping on why we went to iraq, first is was because of 911, then it was to free iraq, then it was because they hate us for our freedom, now it is because we will look weak if we leave, WHAT WAS THE REAL REASON, FLIP FLOPPER???10)A friendship with Saudi Arabia, who by the way raised 13 of the 19 hijackers that brought down the WTC.The others were from egypt, I dont see us attacking either of those two countries, WHY NOT??WE Attacked an oil rich country, why are our gas prices going through the roof? What do we get out of this war? Want to know what we get. Higher gas prices, dead soldiers, the loss of our freedoms when we travel at the airport and on subways. we get the patriot act that can invade our privacy when ever they want. These are some of the thing we are getting. YOu tell me how this country is getting better. I'm all ears. Also Clinton got a blow job, how many people died for it? Answer 0 People and 10,000 sperm. How many are dying for Bush's illegal oil war. That question is still up in the air. Lets see what you have to say about this.

COMMENT #53 [Permalink]

... abacha said on 11/23/2005 @ 5:58 pm PT...

fuck u alll

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